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OI2 Program


Oi2 is the only integral assistance program in the country, it´s the result of more than 20 Year of research and patient care with hearing problems
This Program is oriented and strengthened in 4 areas:

We teach you communication strategies and stimulate your skills to communicate better and understand what has been communicating, also strategies in languages like english.

We Prepare students in every level and develop their skills for academic formation

We teach you techniques to communicate better with family and you social environment so you can improve your personal relationships

We offer training to people and companies about laboral inclusion, in this way you can feel prepare to reach your laboral goals and have success in it. The companies can be prepare to develop the potential of people with hearing problems

Program Manager

Fabián Corrales


Oi2 Program is leading by Fabian Corrales an interdisciplinary professional who has been in charge for more than 5 years, he´s responsible for guiding, training & supervising the development of children, young people & adults with hearing problems, nationwide & worldwide. He trained people in companies, schools, universities, ONG, public institutions.
Fabian is born deaf (bilateral sensorineural hearing loss). His deaf, his professional & personal information has been the biggest opportunity to understand and transform the quality of life for many people with hearing problems.


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