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We Have Everything You Need To Start Hearing Again

We offer all services you need to keep a good hearing health:

  • 100% Personalized Attention.
  • Prosthetic Assistance (Hearing Aids).
  • We accept your CCSS prescription for Make Hearing Aids.
  • Clinical Diagnosis (Audiometry, Impedance, Otoacoustic Emissions test).
  • Pre-Work & School Audiometry.
  • German Technology Lab. Microelectronic & Prosthetic Assistance.
  • Audiologists Enrolled in Professional Associations.
  • German Quality at your Fingertips. HD Technology.
  • Technical service and maintenance.
  • Batteries, Accessories, FM system, Maintenance Kits.
  • CCSS Authorized Suppliers.
  • More Diagnostic services
Besides We are the only Centroamerican Clinic that offers an Integral Assistance Program Oi2


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